Create Your Schedule

1) Sign up or login to your account with your existing Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account.
2) Click on an event to add it and re-click on it to remove.
3) View your schedule by clicking on "My Schedule"

Export Your Schedule

One Schedule, Many Formats

Mobile-formatted version for iPhones, Blackberry, Nokia & Android phones:
Visit on your phone:

Printer-formatted versions and iCal export for Google Calendar, Apple iCal and Microsoft Outlook are also available after you login.

View Session Information

Hover over an event for detailed information

Detailed session information is revealed by hovering over any of the color coded rectangles. Each session also has a dedicated event page containing additional information about your events.

The schedule can also be filtered in a variety of ways including by date, venue and most popular events.

Browse & Meet Attendees

Explore all the users attending an event

View the other attendees who have created and are sharing their schedule. View their schedule/profile to easily setup meetings with them.

Find Your Friends on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn

Connect using your existing Facebook or Twitter account

View what your friends on your favorite social networks are attending after you've logged in.

Discover events via your friends and add them to your schedule

Easily add their events to your own schedule by clicking the "Attend" buttons.