to March 16, 2009 1:33AM

The Horseman

event::type Filmfilm_screening
: Alamo Lamar 1
About: The Horseman is the feature-length debut from 26 year old Australian director Steve Kastrissios. This raw, action-filled revenge drama, which received awards for both Best Australian Film and Best Australian Director at the 2008 Melbourne Underground Film Festival, signals the emergence of a serious new talent. The Horseman tells the story of Christian Forteski (played by veteran Australian actor Peter Marshall) whose drug addicted daughter dies after appearing in an amateur porn video. Christian deals with his grief by burning, kicking, smashing and stabbing his way through the network of pornographers involved in the video. The Horseman is a lean, tight film that boils down the revenge formula to its most essential, time-tested elements: an engaging story, interesting characters, and a powerful dose of skull-pounding violence