to 6:14PM

Experimental Shorts

event::type Filmfilm_screening
: Alamo Lamar 1
About: 'The Idiot Stinks', directed by Helder Sun. Animation, Angst, Media, Martians and Miscommunication.

'Turning Trick', directed by Kaja H. Lejon. Five girls are in a park. At first it looks like they are playing hide and seek but it quickly develops into something quite different.

'Cattle Call', directed by Matthew Rankin. A high-speed animated documentary about the art of livestock auctioneering.

'Dear Texas Highways', directed by Shaun Roberts. A suicide note with a happy ending.

'100 MG', directed by Mike Kash. A meditation on the first couple weeks of starting antidepressants.

'Bigband', directed Daniel Calvo. A journey into contemporary urban world that forces a reflection on our society's day-to-day paradoxes.

'The Nature Between Us', directed by William Campbell. In a swirl of spray paint, sweet bike tricks, sloppy joe's and young love, a bonkers back-alley gang stumble upon a tiny secret world, creating a reality bending mash up of culture and style.

'Chronicles of a Professional Eulogist', directed by Sarah Jane Lapp. An animator's immortality project.