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Reel Shorts 1

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: Alamo Lamar 1
About: 'Hug', directed by Khary Jones. Drew is a virtuoso musical talent, with a music contract ready to sign. Asa, his friend and manager, must physically get Drew to the contract signing. When Asa realizes that Drew is off his meds, the morning commute turns troubling.

'Hi Mom', Amylee Belotti . An embellished look into the artist's view of her family and friends.

'Cochran', directed by James P. Gannon. Jim's Cochran's life is stagnant; he makes no attempt to change and instead accepts his fate, living inside of his head with his memories of the past. One fateful day while walking alone in the woods he finds something on the ground, his decision to pick it up will change his life forever.

'Alexandria', directed by Eric Elofson. Three men are trapped in a bookstore at the end of the world, and they must decide who or what can be saved before a massive flood drowns them all.

'Isis Avenue', directed by Paul Marchand. An intimate short film documenting a 'crime-scene cleanup' crew's early morning excavation of a home left abandoned by its deceased owner in Ingelwood, CA.

'Winter Lilacs', directed by Stephen Gurewitz. Chet Harvey tries to get a date to impress his aging mother Bernadette.

'That's My Majesty', directed by Emily Carmichael. Princess Moon has arrived in NYC on a mission to crown the new queen of her people. But the chosen queen is busy architect. As the Princess persists in her mission, the architect finds her workday interrupted at all the wrong moments, until a fateful decision gives both women what they didn't know they wanted.

'Sunday Mornings', directed by Jannicke Laker. A story about a woman who returns to her flat after an extended drinking session in town.

'Countertransference', directed by Madeleine Olnek. An awkward woman with assertiveness issues finds her problems multiplied in therapy.