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Texas Shorts

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: Alamo Lamar 1
About: 'Jack & Holly', directed by Robbie Bourland. A young husband has lost his job and is reluctant to lean on his wife for emotion and finical support.

'Casimiro', directed by Sergio Rabczuk. The story of an illegal immigrant as captured in a letter he writes to his family.

'Alexander Family Farm', directed by Keeley Steenson. Kim Alexander, a chicken farmer, lives in the outskirts of the city of Austin, about as close to the city you can get and still be country. This documentary takes a look at the technical aspects of egg and chicken farming, and Kim's philosophical approach of returning to the land as a way of life.

'Love Sadie', directed by Naiti Gamez. Sadie and her high-school friends struggle to escape the banality of everyday life. Her friends search for approval, and answers about life, from Sadie, the one confidant who can't articulate her own reality.

'Tough Love', directed by Thomas Hackett. A look at the devotion and affection that young men and seek and express through the rituals of boxing.

'Ventilo', directed by Jerin Crandel. An alternate universe where dance replaces language and acceptance means everything.

'Uprush', directed by Kim Hall. When a girl must decide between her best friend and her family, she chooses neither.

'Coffee', directed by Vicky Wight.

'Entre Lineas' (In Between Lines), directed by Maru Buendia-Senties. a story about two friends that live on different sides of the Mexican-American border. As we follow Caroline and Ricardo we get a close look at the lifestyle of Mexican and Mexican-Americans and the universal struggle to maintain and find our own identities in a multicultural society.