to 6:00PM

Evolving Digital Technologies and Profitable Green Building

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: Austin Convention Ctr (Room 16AB)
About: Sustainability requires that our buildings be both green and profitable. Rapidly evolving digital IT and communications technologies are transforming every aspect of the process of building green, enabling an acceleration in the creation and use of exactly the knowledge we need to build green while also building profitably. Join us for a discussion on how evolving digital technologies are driving the emergence of profitability in the three primary areas of green building - design, construction, and use/operation.

: David Armistead (Partner, Social Web Strategies), Pliny Fisk (Co-Dir, CMPBS), Murray Legge (Architect, LZTA), John Motloch, PhD. (Ball State University), Derek Woodgate (Pres, The Futures Lab Inc), Kathleen Zarsky (Holos)
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