12:00 PM
to 3:00 PM

Refresh at SXSW
176 schedule::attendees
Location BD Riley's
About  Join Refreshers from around the world to trade tips and tricks at B.D. Riley's Pub. This is a great chance to meet up with old friends and make new ones prior to the panels and the parties. We don't have sponsors, so people will need to cover their own food and drinks, but the pub has assured us that they are very happy to accommodate separate tabs to make it easier on us.

3:00 PM
to 6:00 PM

SxSW Opening Tweetup
294 schedule::attendees
Location Champions Bar
About  For folk getting in early, wanting to hangout pre-opening party or just not quite feeling the sessions, we're officializing the tweetup that's gone on the last few years unofficially. Same bat time, same bat place, same bat pay your own tab unless someone pays it for you.
Limited Capacity  events::max
Info  jeremy@b5media.com

5:00 PM
to 6:00 PM

97bottles Happy Hour
332 schedule::attendees
Location The Gingerman
About  Join us on the back patio! Beers and snacks are TOTALLY FREE, but there's a catch: You have to find a [Blue Flavor team member] at the conference to acquire a special 97bottles button beforehand. Show us the button when you get to the Gingerman, and drinks are on us!

5:00 PM
to 7:00 PM

Emblem SXSW Happy Hour
44 schedule::attendees
Location Emblem Creative
About  Kicking off the interactive & film portion of SXSW with actual social networking! Raising funds & awareness for the Green Corn Project.

6:00 PM
to 9:00 PM

Blacks in Tech Meetup
22 schedule::attendees
Location Carver Museum and Cultural Center
About  Hosted by Ogilvy, this event is open to new media professionals as well as those who are hoping to break into this industry. In other words, no badge required to attend. Free refreshments and light food.
Tags  Free Food

6:30 PM
to 8:00 PM

Buzz Out Loud SXSW Meetup
53 schedule::attendees
Location Cedar Door
About  Come and join the Buzz Out Loud crew as they visit South by Southwest! Tom Merritt, Natali del Conte and Jason Howell will be on hand.

7:30 PM
to 11:59 PM

SXSW Coworking Meetup
150 schedule::attendees
Location Hotel San Jose
RSVP Required  Click here
About  Last year's coworking meetup was a smashing success, so we've decided to do it again. We're expecting coworkers and coworking gurus from all over the world to attend. Join us!
Info  sched@tonybacigalupo.com

9:00 PM
to 4:00 AM

The PureVolume House
200 schedule::attendees
Location The PureVolume.com House
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About  The PureVolume.com House